Weapon Loading and Unloading Station

Safe and easy

To provide a safe environment for loading and unloading firearms, AUTRON has developed durable stations, build from high quality steel in combination with AUTRON’s unique, proprietary A-Block® technology. This ensures that if an unintentional discharge occurs, the projectile will be completely absorbed by the weapon loading and unloading station without the risk of ricochet.

This increases the safety for both, the person who is handling the firearm, as well as for persons in the vicinity.

These stations are part of AUTRON’s range of professional products. They are the result of many years of experience in building shooting ranges, made from the best materials and meeting the highest requirements.

The A-Block®’s as developed by AUTRON and the uniquely engineered loading and unloading stations have been extensively tested with the ammunitions that are currently used by the Dutch police and the Royal Marechaussee. They also have been extensively tested by us, in accordance with current regulations regarding the safety of firearms handling and discharging.

Uninternational discharges are the reality of handling firearms - the proper use of the Autron loading and unloading station can prevent injury or even death as a result of firearm handling mistakes!
The A-Block®’s are backed with a structure of high quality steel. These stations can be supplied with high quality wooden cover panels with a sleek plastic coating.

By customer’s demand a variety of designs of the loading and unloading stations are available.

AUTRON will inspect the intended location in order to determine if existing walls can be used, or if an additional structure is required in order to install the station.

Why Choose Autron? The shooting range builders

We work with you on a personal level to determine the best way to build your range at the best price. We have simplified the process for you. We will help you maximize your investment and simplify the building process by using our team of engineers and architects to provide you with the most economical way to achieve your goal - a State of the Art Shooting Range, with an emphasis on health, safety, environment, sustainability and recycling.