Air treatment

Air quality is a priority

One of the key aspects of working and training in an indoor shooting range is the maximum reduction of exposure to the gasses produced by the discharging of firearms. Over the years we have developed an air ventilation system that is capable of providing and sustaining an optimal working environment during the entire duration of the training or exercises.
This perfect combination of air treatment (Warm and/or Cold), filtration, airflow design (air pressure and extraction) provides a well-suited solution for the modernization of an existing shooting range or it can be incorporated in the design of a new shooting range.
The result of incorporating our air ventilation system is a consistent airflow, which is evenly distributed along the range and extracted behind the bullet trap.

Air treatment units

The starting point for sufficient fresh air in a shooting range is the air control system together with the air-units for air intake and air outlet. In these units, 100% fresh air from the outside is being brought into the range. The air going through the intake as well as the air going through the air outlet is filtered by fine-filters systems. Optionally, the air can be preheated and energy consumption can be supported en decreased by a heat recovery system according to environmental regulations. Also, the air can be air-cooled. Complete conditioning is possible. The intake-air will enter the range via air-ducts, which leads to the air displacement panels.

Air displament panels

Through the air displacement panels positioned behind the shooting zone, air is transported into the shooting range and is evenly divided over the entire cross section of the shooting range. The dimensions and the arrangement of the panels are determined by Autron, in order to exactly meet the range dimensions and specifications, air speed demands and noise control. The result is a constant airflow that moves, evenly distributed, throughout the range within the boundaries of normalized sound levels. The airspeed during operational use varies in values from 0.34 m/s (1.08ft/s) up to 0.60 m/s (1.96 ft/s) depending on the training methods and linear or dynamic usage of the facility.

Air Management and Control

Through the range management and control system all major air-handling functionalities are under constant supervision.
The control can be supervised at site or via remote access control or even both at the same time.

Air speed, Air temperature, Air diastolic pressure, Air filter resistance pressure and filter management and CO measurement, all within the standard Air management and control systematic of Autron computerized training facilities.

A pure Autron development concerns the Health Exposure Monitor or the “HEM” as we like to call it. In order to control not only safety in ballistics and Air control but also to provide the max safety concerning the Air Quality in relation to Health and safety regulations.

HEM stands for constant Air Quality control concerning all elements produced while shooting and the signaling of potential harmful substances in the Air if present. Supported by the ATR control management systematic the shooter will be informed automatically, if necessary.

A-Block® Philosophy: safety and protection at the highest level and standard, always.

Why Choose Autron? The shooting range builders

We work with you on a personal level to determine the best way to build your range at the best price. We have simplified the process for you. We will help you maximize your investment and simplify the building process by using our team of engineers and architects to provide you with the most economical way to achieve your goal - a State of the Art Shooting Range, with an emphasis on health, safety, environment, sustainability and recycling.