Autron A-Block® Technology

A-Block® Technology and its philosophy

A-Block Technology is the platform for the optimum in Ballistic Solutions from today on all levels suitable for a wide range of calibers. The solution provides maximum ballistic opportunities where safe and sophisticated Ballistic Solutions are necessary and requested.

The most important part of the Autron A-Block® Technology Ballistic Solutions is the wide range in flexibility with an ultimate level of safety providing the highest operational level that can be achieved for live fire surroundings.

Many years of intensive development and testing of this specific A-Block® Technology resulted in an industry-wide application of this technology with an impressive history of user experience.

The proprietary A-Block® Technology is widely used in shooting ranges, shooting houses, CQB set-ups, multi room- and multi storey range solutions as well as multiple types of bullet trap set-ups from 90 to 360 degrees as a maximum in ballistic protection. It offers reliable protection, even under unfavorable angles of impact and it offers optimum protection against ricochet and bullet fragments.

A-Block® Philosophy: safety and protection at the highest level and standard, always. Depending on the construction, with the A-Block® Technology it is possible to absorb energy up to 5,000 Joules and even more. The A-Block® Technology has a high resistance to wear even under intensive use and is not sensitive for temperature changes in relation to performance. Therefore, this technology is suitable for indoor- and outdoor applications all over the world.

It's unique properties make it shock- and sound absorbent combined with an additional feature: high building stability. These are sought-after properties for use in training facilities, creating a more silent, and comfortable shooting environment. A real benefit for inside- and outside of the indoor training facilities and outdoor facilities as well.

Using this technology creates a cleaner and healthier environment. Since projectiles are absorbed, the materials (metals) from the projectiles are also absorbed, preventing the generating of metal “dust particles” to which the shooters can be exposed, as can occur, for example with hard steel bullet traps.

No silica or fine dust is generated as happens with projectiles impacting in sand bullet traps, which are still often used. A-Block® Philosophy: safety and protection at the highest level and standard, always.

Why Choose Autron? The shooting range builders

We work with you on a personal level to determine the best way to build your range at the best price. We have simplified the process for you. We will help you maximize your investment and simplify the building process by using our team of engineers and architects to provide you with the most economical way to achieve your goal - a State of the Art Shooting Range, with an emphasis on health, safety, environment, sustainability and recycling.