Case collector ATR-HR-18

Simple Quick and clean

The current ammunition leaves much gunpowder residue on the floor of a shooting range. Using a broom to clean up will result in the residues on the floor to be mixed with the air, which can have adverse health effects. For health reasons, it is also not advisable to pick up the spent casings by hand, as residues on the casings will come in contact with the skin.

To speed up the cleaning process and to avoid health issues, AUTRON introduced the Case Collector to the European Market.
Through a studded roll the casings are picked up from the floor and deposited in the basket of the case collector. The basket can simply be removed and the contents can be deposited in the appropriate waste container.


  • 45,72 cm / 18 inch wide (standard)
  • Other sizes and configurations for different calibers available on request
  • Removable tray
  • Parts can be ordered separately
Always get a floor free of casings as easy as possible by using our case collector!

Video of our case collector

Use our floor surface cleaner at the end of the day for an even cleaner floor.

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