Range Modernisation

Autron is not only building new ranges, but also renovates and upgrades existing ranges. The new A-Block.eu technology enables Autron to make existing ranges ready for new usages and purposes like 270° training or even the use of larger calibers.

Health and safety concerns demand a training environment where the air treatment system assures a safe stay by minimizing the risk of exposure to gasses and residue as generated by the use of firearms. Autron has developed an air ventilation system that can provide and sustain an optimal environment during the entire duration of the training or the exercises.

We can make improvements in the ballistic protection as well on the target systems, simulation software and shooting positions.

Why Choose Autron? The shooting range builders

We work with you on a personal level to determine the best way to build your range at the best price. We have simplified the process for you. We will help you maximize your investment and simplify the building process by using our team of engineers and architects to provide you with the most economical way to achieve your goal - a State of the Art Shooting Range, with an emphasis on health, safety, environment, sustainability and recycling.